Sample Training Agenda:

Introduction and historical outline:

  • What is NFT?
  • Where the NFT comes from and how it was created.
  • Why do people buy NFT?

NFT / Blockchain basic:

  • Basic concepts.
  • What is Blockchain?
  • How NFT is traded.
  • Where the trading takes place.
  • Where the NFT is located.
  • How is NFT transferred?
  • Various NFT ecosystems (ETH, BNB, SOL, etc.).
  • The difference between decentralized and centralized trading.
  • Security (basic security information).
  • Virtual wallet VS physical wallet (ledger).

The market in numbers:

  • Presentation of the growth dynamics.
  • Which sectors are already in this dimension?
  • Brands present on the market.
  • The most significant players on the market.


  • How NFT affects ecology.
  • Green alternatives to ETH (Ethereum).

Ownership and security:

  • What is a smart contract, ownership certificate, etc.?
  • Basics of security.

Case studies:

  • Introducing the different ways of using NFT.
  • On the example of brands, collections, PFP.
  • The most famous people in the NFT world.
  • The most famous artists.
  • Art 1/1.
  • PFP collections.
  • Generative Art.


  • What is this world, and how to connect to the NFT?
  • The greatest players.
  • Now vs. tomorrow. How the metaverse will change over the years.
  • Why Metaverse and NFT are inseparable.

Outline of the future:

  • Outlining the directions of development of the NFT and Metaverse.

Practical part:

  • Setting up a Metamask wallet.
  • Transfer of funds - the first cryptocurrency.
  • Your first NFT.
  • Turnover and transfer examples.


Michał Jędrzejewski

Michał appreciates efficient time management, which is why agile project management practices and Design Thinking are crucial to him.
He is a fan of new technologies. Therefore Michał's professional career is not shaped in one direction.

Michał is associated with Fanadise, where he implements projects in blockchain networks, cryptocurrencies, and, most importantly, NFT.

As he says himself, he builds bridges between Web2 and Web3, introducing such solutions as creating NFT, building VR worlds, tokenization, or metaverse in companies.

Kamil Krasowski

Kamil worked for clients from the financial and cosmetics sector, managing processes such as:
- affiliate networks,
- e-commerce,
- social media,
- building visual identity.

In early 2021, his professional path shifted toward blockchain and NFT technologies, which simultaneously became a passion. From active participation in the market, thousands of hours of study, and ending with the creation of the NFT collection in cooperation with Fancy Bears, Kamil has devoted himself entirely to learning about NFT.

Currently, for five months, he has been contributing to the future of the Fancy Bears Metaverse project and the Fanadise company.

Its main goal is to promote blockchain technology solutions and create the entire sector's future.

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