Fanadise is an exclusive content platform created for internet influencers to monetize their social presence and bring interactions with followers to a whole new level.

While all news outlets from the past few years hid behind paywalls and started to get their fair share for the work they put into preparing the news,  internet creators remained highly underpaid. We aim to change that - bringing so much more to the table.

And then there's NFT's! By using them to decentralize content ownership we change the rules forever.

Creators get a cut of what fans pay for and will always be entitled to get payment for their work. Big corporations will no longer feed on your talent. It is time to move forward. It's time for a social media revolution!

Connect with your fans (or idol) in a new way

By releasing premium pictures and videos, showing them your backstage life, letting them in to see your close friends interactions;  they can listen to your songs first, they can see your videos and pictures before the others, chat with you, interact with you via comments, get huge bonuses from subscription tiers or get merch and other giveaways directly from the first drop; the phrase "true fan" will mean so much more.

Got questions?

We can help!

What is Fanadise all about?

Fanadise is a premium exclusive content subscription platform created to grow and monetize your fanbase. The internet is changing and we want to be a part of this change by rebuilding social media around the idea of content ownership decentralization.

What is exclusive content?

Exclusive content is intended for the most dedicated fans who will have the opportunity to see never-published-before pictures and videos and have access to bonuses never seen before. It can be anything: backstage, things only close friends can see, unique moments in the form of NFT's, curated images, gifs, skins, filters, drops, chat, bonuses and so much more!

Who are your influencers?

We work with some of the biggest names in the industry. Our creators have amassed millions of followers on their social media platforms. Everyone can join us though. Lots of people we work with run their own small business such as content creators, fitness coaches, musicians, sports people, make up artists, dieticians, artists, yogis or mentors.

Why should I even care?

We decentralise social media and try to give content back to the creator and to the people. Big corporations don't care about the people who make their platform but we do. This social media revolution will bring power back to the creator who creates all their content and entertainment.

How can I join your presale?

Just click the public sale button and join our whitelisting process.

Can I apply for a job at Fanadise?

Sure, drop us a message at

How to become a creator at Fanadise?

Get in touch with us at and we will take care of you.

Can anyone launch their NFTs on Fanadise?

Yes, starting June 2021 every creator will be able to launch their own NFTs on our platform.

Do you plan to launch an NFT marketplace?

Yes, we do, and it's one of the most important milestones on our list. We have been working on our NFT marketplace since 2020 and will be launching this summer.

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